Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Colinet Island

It was a paddle that I had been interested in doing for a few years. So, when Tony suggested a paddle around Great Colinet Island in St. Mary's Bay, I quickly said yes. Four of us - Tony, Dean, Hazen and I - launched our kayaks at Admiral's Beach on Sunday morning. After a crossing of approximately 1.5 km to get to the island, we started our paddle around the island. There are a number of places where one could camp, but on this day we did not have our camping gear with us. As I stood overlooking the water from the side of a hill at Mosquito Cove, I could see why people would have lived here at one time. It was quiet and very beautiful. However, there is no doubt that the people who lived here worked very hard to provide a living for their families. A paddle of just over 25 km made for a great day. Thanks for the company guys.

Dean digs in with his greenland paddle at the beginning of our trip

on the way to the island

Dean along the eastern shore


Dean seems to be enjoying the waves more here lately

Tony can tell you what these "rocks" are

our lunch stop at Wild Cove

getting ready to leave Wild Cove

Hazen, paddling along the western side of the island

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Dean said...

I kind of like the pic of me pushing off the beach. You can see why the ends of my paddle are getting chewed up...