Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bay Bulls - February 2014

Dean, Tony and I arrived at Bay Bulls around 9:30 on Saturday to see ice floating in parts of the harbour.   We made our way out along the north side of the harbour.   The photos below show the beauty of winter, where the water meets the shore.

 Tony - behind a curtain of ice

 Dean, taking in the view

Dean, where we stopped for lunch

 The track below shows our paddle for the day, about 18 km in total.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

On the Water Again - St. Philips to Topsail Beach

It had been nearly fours months since I last paddled.  A couple of colds that lingered and the usual projects around the house and cabin kept me off the saltwater. This was the longest period that I have gone without paddling since 2009.  It was great to be back on the sea again, to feel the familiar swing of the paddle and the push of the water against the bow of the kayak.

Thanks to  Dean, Hazen, Neville and Tony for the company on my first paddle of the year.  It was a great day.

Unfortunately, there are few pictures because the camera battery did not like the cold temperatures.   Here are the few that I was able to capture:

                                                          Tony & Dean at the put in