Sunday, April 24, 2011

South Dildo in the sun

Yesterday, Tony, Dean and I paddled from South Dildo to Southern Point. It was a warm, sunny day. This is the same area that a group of paddled in last year in quite different conditions. On the trip yesterday, we did not see the same waves that last year provided some with the chance to roll, surf and otherwise find out what it's like to have a big wave fall on you. The pictures below show what we experienced yesterday. At Southern Point, we felt the effects of the strong winds. At this point, we headed back as planned. A great day with a total distance paddled of just over 23 km.


Dean, gotta love those Greenland paddles

Tony and Dean check out a camping location

Looking down at Tony

Dean and Tony

Dean & Tony check out this shelter on Dildo Island

Tony, with Dildo Island in the background

Monday, April 4, 2011

Familiar Waters

With a forecast of strong winds again this past weekend, on Sunday we decided to paddle close to home. So it was off to Philips once again. Tobias and I had a short paddle (13 km) to Topsail Beach and back. Although the wind was strong at the beginning of our paddle, it eased off after about 3 km. We had been hoping for strong winds to blow us back to St. Philips but it was not to be. We had to settle for moderate waves to take us home.
Leaving the slipway

Tobias, where is your kayak?

Tobias measuring the wind speed. At this point, it was 20 km.