Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bauline to Pouch Cove

The rain and fog did not dampen our spirits at all yesterday as we made our way from Bauline in Conception Bay, past Cape St. Francis and on to our final destination, Pouch Cove. There were eight of us yesterday; eight happy souls who were delighted at every turn by each nook and cranny in the rocks. Except for those places where the land and rocks met the incoming seas, the water was relatively calm. However, past Cape St. Francis is not the place to be in strong north or east winds. More and more, I am seeing in action the effects of our Thursday evening practices on the ability of paddlers to respond to increasing challenging conditions.

Dennis, as we leave Bauline

Gerard, another possible convert to the Greenland Paddle?

Tony makes his way to the cascading water

Stan, looking for that perfect photo op

Dennis and Sean, at Cape St. Francis

into every opening we go

Tobias and Dean in the foreground

look down, way, way down; at Pouch Cove

where we end our trip and take out our boats

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