Sunday, February 20, 2011

St. Philips to Big Freshwater Cove

We are fortunate to be able to paddle all year in this part of the province. Yesterday our winter paddling group met at the slipway in St. Philips at around 9:30. I doubt if you will find a more enthusiast group of paddlers anywhere. The temperature was about -1 C which was quite balmy compared to the temperature a week ago. Thanks to Stan, Tony, Tobias, Dean and Gerard for a great day.

The wonders of winter paddling
Despite light winds, waves crashed upon the shore
Gerard in his Valley Kayak
Tony and Gerard near the Falls
Tobias and Dean at the beginning of paddle
Stan taking pictures
Strong winds and storm surges leave behind debris

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Dean said...

notice in the picture of me and Tobias how there is no water behind Tony - he is on the creast of the swell. Normally you would see the water all the way out of the bay behind him. The pic gives an indication of the amount of swell we had that day....